How to chose a SEO Agency

The difficulty with choosing which SEO Agency (SEO standing for Search Engine Optimism) to use is that there are so many options. A simple Google search brings up nearly 2 million results. 
There are many ways to narrow the search down. You could go for the best service, in which case most people in the UK would Google “London SEO agency” or you might examine Google Maps to see which agencies are near you. You could look at adverts you might find on Facebook or other websites or check out review pages to see what people say about specific businesses and to see whether they are worth paying for an optimization service. 

Sem – search engine marketing – is quick a tricky thing to do so it is not worth leaving it to an inexperienced company or freelancer. Look for businesses or individuals who have been in operation for some time and which clients have said good things about. 
Another thing to note is who has made the good review. If someone tells you that a friend of theirs runs SEM services and it’s excellent, be wary. They may just be doing a favour to their friend. Look for unbiased reviews if you can. Generally speaking the more reviews a business or freelancer has, the better. 

A good agency seeyouup can point you in the right direction as what promotion is necessary. If you feel that someone is pulling you completely down the wrong direction, maybe it is worth trying somewhere else? It doesn’t matter what other people say, you might need to look to where you see your company going? 

The other problem is the business might not be quite ready to be promoted. Is the website up to date? Are you handling the clients you have at the moment? Only if the answers to these questions is yes should you go ahead.